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Build Your Winning Content Strategy: The 6 Key Questions to Start With

Developing a content strategy might seem like a complex task, and in many ways, it is. It's a blend of understanding your audience, making informed decisions, and carefully developing your brand's unique story.

Yet, a crucial part of this process involves not just deciding what to create but also recognizing what you're NOT going to create. It's about selective focus, not only in crafting and presenting your content but also in making deliberate choices about where to direct your efforts. 

Every piece of content you create shapes how your audience views and interacts with your brand. So don’t get it wrong!! Just kidding. 

You have nothing to worry about. Starting off on the right foot is simpler than it seems. It all boils down to six fundamental questions that are the roadmap to building a content strategy that works for your business. If you can answer the why, what, where, when, who, and how of your content, you’re further along than you think.

This approach doesn't oversimplify the process but organizes it into more manageable steps. Diving into these questions, you'll start to see your content's purpose, identify your target audience, and understand the most effective channels for your message. This clarity is essential—it shapes how you frame your message, choose your words, and ultimately, how your audience engages with your content.

So, let's take this step by step. By the end, you'll have a start of a content strategy that not only connects with your audience but also steers your business towards its goals, one well-thought-out piece of content at a time.

1. Who: Know your audience. 

Figuring out who your content is for sits at the heart of any successful content strategy. In fact, I believe it's the most crucial element to address first. To create content that truly resonates, you need to understand your audience at a deeper level. This means going beyond basic demographics to understand the specifics of their lives. What are their daily challenges, interests, and preferences? Your content should be a direct response to these insights. By understanding the nuances of your audience's behavior and needs, you can create content that speaks directly to them, engaging them on a personal level and making a genuine impact. This step isn't just foundational; it's what makes the difference between content that just informs and content that truly connects.

2. What: Define your strategic content themes and topics.

Determining what you're going to talk about is the next step in shaping your content strategy. That means pinpointing the strategic themes, topics, and unique angles that resonate with your audience, support your business goals, and reflect your brand's identity. It's not just selecting what you’re going to talk about, but also infusing those topics with your brand’s unique perspective or insights. Think about what sets your brand apart and how you can weave this into your content to provide real value. Your content should do more than just cover a topic. True thought leadership should offer a unique point of view (POV) that captures attention and distinguishes your brand in the crowded world of content. 

3. Where: Choose Your Distribution Channels

When it comes to choosing the right platforms for your content, it's crucial to look beyond just being present. In fact, you shouldn’t be present on every platform just because you can create an account. You need to pinpoint exactly where your audience is most active and where they truly connect with content. Each platform – from social media and blogs to email newsletters and podcasts – has its own way of engaging users and your content strategy should involve a thorough understanding of these dynamics. By aligning your content with platforms that best suit its style and your audience’s preferences, you ensure that your messages are not just seen but also make a meaningful impact, effectively broadening their reach and influence

4. When: Time your content for maximum impact

The timing of your content delivery is as vital as its creation. You might think selecting Its dates on a calendar is simple, but this step revolves around syncing your content with those key moments that align with your audience's lifestyle and interests. Timing can drastically alter how your content is received and engaged with. To optimize this, consider the daily rhythms of your audience’s online activity, the impact of different time zones, and the timing of cultural or global events that might be relevant to your content. Getting the timing right means hitting your audience when they're most interested, which can ramp up how much your content is noticed and engaged with.

5. Why: Define Clear Objectives for Your Content

Addressing "Why am I creating content for my audience?" means pinpointing specific goals for your content at each stage of the marketing funnel. These goals can range from raising awareness and educating your audience to building trust and driving conversions. Each piece of content should have a distinct purpose aligned with these objectives. This alignment ensures that your content not only engages the audience but also systematically guides them through the funnel, contributing to your overarching strategy. ​​ If you find yourself unable to answer the question of why for a particular piece of content, it's probably a sign that the piece isn’t necessary or aligned with your strategic goals.

6. How: Plan your content execution tactics

For the final step in your strategy, you have to consider how you will actually execute your content strategy. This involves detailed planning for both the ideation, production, and distribution of your content. Here, you get down to the nitty gritty details and decide on formats, brainstorm fresh ideas, and strategize on repurposing across various platforms. Remember, a well-planned strategy makes execution smooth and straightforward. By “planning the work” in advance, you simply have to “work the plan” when it's time to execute, taking out the guesswork. This meticulous preparation is the difference between scrambling at the last minute and confidently delivering content that’s both engaging and effective.

Ready to kickstart your content strategy?

Crafting a content strategy that clicks with your audience and drives your business goals starts by asking the right questions. Understanding your audience at a deep level is the cornerstone of a strategy that genuinely connects. Once you've honed in on your audience, it's time to map out what to say and where to say it. The strength of your content lies in its relevance and precision. 

As you address each of these key questions, from identifying your goals to carefully planning your execution, remember that they all fit into a larger strategy. Armed with these six key questions, you're already on the right path to creating content that stands out and strengthens connections.

Unlock your content strategy: The Content Clarity Blueprint

Take the first step by using The Content Clarity Blueprint to craft content that aligns with your strategy and goals. Don’t get overwhelmed. Roll up your sleeves and let the Content Clarity Blueprint take the chaos out of content planning and help you understand the why behind every piece. 


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