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What Makes “GREAT” Content? Newsflash: It’s Not Your Opinion.

Updated: Jan 18

Through Content Uncomplicated, I've partnered with many brands, each taking pride in their “great” content. While some truly create outstanding work, others often hit a familiar barrier—their “great” content isn't delivering the expected impact. It's an easy trap to fall into, confusing quality content with effective content. Over the past months, I've heard similar concerns from at least half of my clients: "We have really great content, but…

  • we're not seeing enough engagement from our audience.”

  • it's not translating into sales or leads."

  • we struggle to reach the right audience."

  • our website traffic is still low."

So, why do you think your content is great again? This question often shifts the conversation during our initial discussions. Most times, the response I get is that it's very interesting, or it may drive some traffic to their website—you know, the fluff metrics. They’ve worked REALLY hard on this content and they're proud of it. But that doesnt mean the content is great. 

The misconception of “great content”

The first step in addressing the disconnect between content creation and its effectiveness is understanding where this gap stems from. Many creators get caught up in the aesthetics of content—its creativity, the effort put into it, or its sophistication. However, they often miss out on aligning this content with their audience's expectations and needs. Remember, great content always targets and meets your audience's needs and actually gets them to take action. I know that might sound basic, but it's a fundamental principle we need to get back to because its missing. What’s the plan to make that happen? You wouldn't propose a product feature just because it was fun and interesting. But sometimes, content is treated just like that—as something fun and entertaining without requiring much strategy. OPPOSITE! Content has a direct impact on your business’s bottom line, but it's up to you to define those connections.

How to take your content from good to GREAT

Here's a common scenario I've encountered in a few of my previous roles: a business heavily invests in creating content they believe is engaging and informative. Yet, the metrics paint a different picture—there’s low engagement, minimal conversion, and inadequate reach. This misalignment isn't due to a lack of effort but rather a lack of strategy and an understanding of what truly makes content GREAT.

Great content does more than just catch the eye or spark interest. It needs to authentically connect with your audience and drive real results. Plain and simple. Having content that's good-looking or engaging is important, but these are just components. On their own, they're not enough without a solid strategy. What's most crucial is how well your content aligns with your business goals, resonates with your audience, and inspires them to take action. To elevate your content from good to GREAT, focus on these five key areas:

  • 💫 Goal-oriented: Ensure your content aligns with strategic brand and business goals. It needs to serve a purpose, not just be fun and interesting.

  • 💡 Responsive: Great content connects with and responds to your audience's needs to create a deep connection that builds trust and relationships.

  • 👍 Engaging: It should captivate your audience, not just exist as passive information. Engagement is key to turning viewers into active participants.

  • 🏃‍♀️ Action-Driven: The ultimate test of content's effectiveness is its ability to incite action. Does it convert viewers into leads or customers?

  • 🎯 Targeted: Tailor your content to reach the right audience. Generic content often fails to resonate. Specificity is the name of the game.

Strategizing for the future

For any business with an online presence, it's crucial to continually revise and improve your content strategies. Reflect on your successes and learn from any setbacks. Embracing new tools and trends is important, but what's even more essential is staying closely connected to your audience's evolving needs and preferences. Remember, the true strength of GREAT content lies not just in its creation but in its ongoing ability to adapt, stay relevant, and motivate your audience to take action. If you're already creating content – HELL YEAH! But now that you've read this blog post, always remember to ask yourself, “Is this content GREAT?” 

At Content Uncomplicated, we elevate brand voices with strategic content that speaks volumes. Today, investing in high quality content isn't an option, it's a necessity. Your customers are listening, and if you don't reach them, your competitors will. Let’s work together to transform your good ideas into GREAT content that has a direct impact on your bottom line. 

I can’t wait to get started. 


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